As we move through life, it is natural and normal that we will go through an ongoing series of life transitions. Most of these transitions are both wonderful, and also incredibly stressful! We may be THRILLED that we have found the love of our life and are getting married – but whoa! Suddenly it’s wedding planning; financial stress; family stress; learning to communicate with another unique and individual person who we’re suddenly with EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It can be a lot!

Or, perhaps you’ve just moved to Denver to start a new job and life here. Welcome! It’s SUCH a fun place to live! At the same time, you may be finding yourself feeling lonely, struggling to find your tribe, or just generally feeling like it’s taking a while to adjust here.

Transitions can be so exciting, and at the same time, working with a trained Denver transitions counselor can provide immense and often much-needed support during times of change.

Some examples of transitions you may be experiencing include…

  • Going to college or started graduate school
  • Getting married
  • Starting a new job
  • Navigating a divorce or breakup
  • Adventuring into parenthood
  • Taking a promotion
  • Starting your dream business or creative venture
  • Dealing with a health problem or struggle
  • Losing a loved one
  • Having a family member or child fall ill
  • Navigating new motherhood, and sex/love after baby
  • Exploring your sexual identity and desires
  • Seeking out a meaningful spirituality, or leaving behind old beliefs
  • Moving into retirement and feeling unsure of your purpose
  • Working on self-improvement and self-growth
  • Setting goals and intentions for the next phase of your journey

Having the support of trained counselor to guide you through your transition can help you navigate the complex feelings that can come up during these seasons of change, and emerge on the other side a strong, integrated, even better version of you.

At Root Counseling, we’re passionate about helping our clients transition well at each juncture of their lives. We’d love to come alongside you! Give us a call at (720) 388-7822! or

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Jennifer Kilgo, MA, LPC
CEO of Root Counseling