To be a woman in this world and culture means to understand stress. More than ever before, we are busy fulfilling a number of roles: friend, employee or boss, mother, daughter, sister, partner, healer. We may have seasons of relative ease when things seem to be flowing along, and then…BAM! Something happens – a job change, a health change, a relationship change, a crisis – and suddenly we find ourselves struggling to find time to even eat.

Other times, stress can sneak up on us more subtly. We might not realize we’re stressed, but our beautiful, wise, intuitive bodies start to say, “HEY! Sister! We gotta slow down, we’re running on fumes here!”

This can look like…

  • Feeling irritable and not knowing why
  • Constantly trying to “catch up”
  • A growing to-do list that never feels “done”
  • Exhaustion, even though we’re getting enough hours of sleep
  • A weakened immune system (getting sick more frequently, and for longer)
  • Feelings of guilt, like we’re failing our friends and family
  • Finding it hard to make time to exercise or socialize
  • Feeling stress at work, burnout
  • Feeling “keyed up” and tense in our bodies
  • Forgetfulness (appointments, not responding to texts or phone calls)
  • Snapping at our partners or kids, not wanting sex, and wanting to be alone

If this sounds like you, working with a trained Denver stress management counselor can help!

Stress is a normal part of life, but when it starts to impact our relationships, our job functioning, and starts stealing our joy and lightness, it’s time to address it. And the sooner we address it, the quicker we can halt it from causing further problems in our lives. We can function SO much better and achieve a whole lot more when we’re not running on fumes and suffering from burnout!

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With love and light,

Jennifer Kilgo, MA, LPC
CEO of Root Counseling