Seize the Day: Living Every Moment

One of my friends told me once, perhaps she had heard it on the web somewhere: “Buy the dress and eat the chocolate.” She also told me to: “Wear it until it falls off.” Yes! These couldn’t be more truer words spoken. Why wait, when today is the only day that you can do ANYTHING about? As they say, yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t promised.

Life is the special occasion.


This is it folks. This moment. Not the one that just passed, not the hours ahead of you, literally right now. If you are saving that dress for that perfect moment, or passing up an opportunity to hang with friends, or skipping the whipped cream on your double mocha frappe… dare I say…. you are not living fully my beautiful friend. Is the meaning of life just to live? Yes, yes it is.

That dress is meant to be worn! And fabulously! You might be waiting for that special moment, that perfect cocktail party, or just the “right” time. But guess what, that time is now! And, the more you live life, enjoy the things you’ve bought for yourself, and savor life’s little indulgences, the closer and closer you get to being the authentic YOU that lives and breathes each day with divine magic.

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“The trouble is, you think you have time.”


This quote is attributed both to Buddha and Jack Kornfield, author of “Buddha’s Little Instruction Book.” Either way, it is incredibly relevant. So many of us think we’ll have time to do x, y, z …. later. Maybe when we’re more financially stable, or when our anxiety goes away, or when we find a partner, or when we get that job.

The time is now. We never know what may happen. Of course, there is always the scary thought of life ending tragically, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. No. The real tragedy is letting time go by in mediocre moments. It’s regret. It’s wishing you would have “done the thing” you always wanted to, but didn’t… because … why? You’ll look back later and realize that there is not one answer in the whole wide world good enough to respond to that. Seize the opportunity my friends. You’ll never regret the things you did, only the things you didn’t.

How to get past the fear and anxiety


You might be thinking…. Okay… BUT. (Which, by the way, is one of the worst words ever when trying to reach your goals.) Don’t talk yourself out of what your SELF wants. Your self wants to be happy. Your self wants to explore. It’s societal pressures, internal pressures, anxiety and fear that hold us back.

What if…. You let it all go? What if there was a way to release the fear and start living the way that you truly want to? A way that doesn’t cause regrets, but rather opens doors to new possibilities, people and guides who will take us further than our imaginations could ever dream? You have it all inside of you. And, you always have, yet having support can help you find that girl that’s in you, the one that wants to jump in rain puddles and wear bright colors, climb mountains and do handstands in front of the Eiffel Tower. She’s there. And, she wants you to let her live.


About Root Counseling, Counseling for Women in Denver Colorado

We are a group of thoughtful, intuitive female counselors that serves other powerful, ambitious women struggling with crippling anxiety. It’s not fair. Most of the women that come to us for counseling have it going on. They are absolutely crushing their careers. They are go-getters, and yet, they find that anxiety can put them in a place that blocks them time and time again from their dreams. With therapy, our office is trained to help reprocess and reprogram negative and fearful thoughts into positive action.

Sometimes all it takes is a quiet place, away from the chaos of everyday life, with someone who has been there before, to realize that you can break through and live the life of your dreams. Seize the day today and schedule a complimentary phone consultation to see if Root Counseling could help you become even more of you, once more.