Weeding Your Garden (Removing Things That Don’t Serve You)


Seasons bring change and change brings reflection. Removing things that don’t serve you in your life can help you grow faster, stronger and more resilient. Just like a garden, everything can grow with sunlight and water, but some plants just shouldn’t be there! Time to remove them, just like taking inventory of your own life and deciding what should remain, and what things have run their course.


Removing Bad Habits


What are your personal habits that you would like to change? Are you going for the end of day glass(es) of wine too often for even your own liking? Or, are you looking at your phone every ten minutes, aimlessly scrolling or checking your social media profiles? These are just some of the “bad” habits so many of us have. When thinking of removing habits that are affecting you negatively, sometimes it can be easier to think of what to replace them with. This way, you’re not thinking in terms of “punishing” yourself, but rather in what ways could that time and energy be better served.


What can you replace your habits with? For example, can you replace the wine with lemon water and a celery juice? Just one or two days could give you enough energy to start creating a better habit. Instead of looking at your phone, could you read just one more page in a book? Whatever it is that helps, give it a try! You know what helps your body and mind the most. And, you know best how to creatively come up with solutions that are fun and enjoyable for you, so that replacing bad habits isn’t so much of a chore. Challenge yourself!


Removing Things That Don’t Serve You


It’s very popular right now, but is truly a timeless zen habit: yes, Marie Kondo! You might be someone who periodically does purge through their things, but why not read a few excerpts from “KonMari” about how to spark joy in your life by removing objects that just don’t do it for ya! That shirt you always try to wear, but bunches at the sleeve? Buh byeeee. Or, the ugly yoga clothes that just stay in bunches at the back of your drawers? Seeeeee ya. Maybe it’s something larger? Time to finally start looking for a new car or home? Why not start your research so that you can really feel better in the places that you live and spend time in? (When the time is right.)


Removing People That Don’t Make You Feel Good


Okay, this one. Take this very, very seriously. This could be a decision you regret later. Make sure that you are zeroed in on who the people are that are causing you unending pain. Next, decide exactly how you will let that person take exit, stage right. If it’s a loved one that you’re close with, or a family member, perhaps you can withdraw, but maybe not completely. Even if family members are toxic, sometimes a complete break only wreaks havoc for you. Perhaps you can delay calls back, reduce your trips home, and share a lot less with them, to protect yourself.


If it’s a friend, but your friends are still friends with that friend, and you expect them to remain so, perhaps the same advice is warranted. Yet, if it’s an acquaintance that you just spend time making excuses for why you can’t hang out…. It’s not the end of the world to distance yourself.


If it’s a boyfriend or romantic partner who is making you feel less than worthy, consider talking to a counselor about the exit plan. Leaving could be the best move of your entire life, but you want to make sure you feel really confident about it.


In the end, making space for YOU, the most important person in your life, and removing things that don’t serve you, can be one of the most rewarding decisions that you will ever make.


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