Personality Quiz: What Your Personality Says About You

Dear Reader,


I am an ENFP. Do you know what you are?


Well, first of all, you are as unique as a snowflake, duh! But, besides that, Myers Briggs says there are essentially 16 personality types and that we all fit into some variation of them. (I liked this chart because it shows all the “characters” that we can be.) Taking a personality quiz can give you great insight into yourself and how you relate to others.


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Just by looking at the images… can you pick out which one you might resonate more towards?


Try taking the quiz to get a full look into your personality type.


Note that personality types range in quality, length, depth… you know. And, there are entire professions dedicated to helping you determine your personality type. This quiz is one that after scouring the web, was found to be the easiest to take, and gave the most information quickly. (So long story short, take it with a grain of salt!)


Would you say that some personalities are harder to “be” than others?


Do we all wish we were that easy, breezy person that could go with the flow? Or, the bold leader that’s afraid of nothing? Yet, still somehow the soft, sweet, maternal caregiving personality that makes everything and everyone better?


We can’t be everyone. And, we can’t do everything!


(One of my favorite quotes actually is: You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.) So, maybe learn to embrace where you’re at, the journey that you’re on right now. And, know that if you are seeking self introspection, that having a set of eyes outside yourself can be one of the biggest helps to overcome challenges in your life. Aka… counseling.


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