“Perfect” on Social Media

You know the girl… she has it all! You can tell by her social media profiles! She eats in a color-coordinated fashionable outfits with perfect lighting. While she eats (with her cool friends that appear in the story accompanying her post), she casually slouches in her “I woke up like this” outfit that screams “model off-duty.” Meanwhile, she “omg’s” about the fact that it’s #casual.

If only we could see what really goes on behind the social media lens.

She’s not perfect!!! Well wait, she is, but so are you, and every other living thing on this planet (just the way you are). What you’re not seeing is that this activity can be masking grief, anxiety, depression and self-esteem issues.

Do you know anyone who refuses to leave the house without makeup on? Anyone who “looks ugly” in every single picture (so there are a lot of re-do’s)? Who always dresses to the “T”? Who never seems to “let go”? It crosses over into social media and gives a platform to the anxiety of perfectionism. They are not perfect… they are just trying to be, and harming themselves in the process. Maybe it’s you? We’ve all been “guilty” from time to time.

Is it you trying to be perfect on social media? Be honest…

Your imperfection is your superpower! It’s what makes you, you. If you’re having fun with it, that is awesome, but if it’s truly sucking your time and impacting your mood (super ecstatic when you get a ton of likes and down when it’s crickets), you might wonder if it’s contributing positively to your mental health. Is it?

Embracing realness.

“Warts and all!” is a phrase used to describe loving every part of someone. Could you love yourself, “warts and all”? When you fall in love with yourself, you might find that you don’t care as much about looking perfect. Or, really what anyone thinks at all. Once you’ve gotten there…. You’ve actually reached perfection. And, if you need some help, we’re in your corner.