Stressed… Healing WorkPlace Anxiety

“Yes, I can do that.” “No problem, I’m on it.” Do you often find yourself the person behind statements like these at work? Then, when the time comes around, you’re getting there at 5am and leaving around 9pm, skipping your morning workouts, meditation, and pretty much living on coffee alone? Only to get no appreciation or have all your efforts get thwarted by Sally in accounting, your boss, or simply just messing it up because you’re so freaking tired? Why do we do this to ourselves? How can we work on healing workplace anxiety to where we aren’t so stressed every time we’re there?


Anxiety at Work Just Shouldn’t Be a Thing


If you get anxiety that’s productive, like whether you’ll get the shipment in to feed a family in Africa because it’s your life passion at the NGO you work for, that’s one thing. But, if the anxiety is because you’re constantly trying to stay off the radar of the hothead in the office, or because you are given three times as much to do because they won’t hire more help, that kind of stress is only going to hurt you. 


How Can You Deal With Anxiety at Work When Leaving Isn’t an Option?


How can you deal though when you need to make an income? Maybe leaving your job just isn’t an option? Or, maybe every job you’ve ever had causes major anxiety. We’ve all been there. There are ways that you can try to reduce the anxiety while creative positivity at the workplace too. Here are a few ideas about how to do just that. 


  • Only work during work hours (15 minutes early or late is okay, but cut yourself off!)
  • Never skip that morning dog walk or workout
  • Try just five minutes of meditation in the parking lot or before you head into traffic
  • Treat yourself with an audio book, new music or a podcast for the commute
  • Start the coffee the night before and try tea at least once a week
  • Meal prep and have healthy snacks in your car or at the office
  • Stretch every hour and drink enough water
  • Ask your co-workers about themselves, get to know them more deeply
  • Turn the “off” switch when things get stressful


Breaking Life Down into Moment to Reduce Anxiety


One of the best pieces of advice that I’ve ever gotten was “how can you make right now better.” Not how can you make your life better, that’s a lot to chew on. But rather, what can we do right now that can make this tiny moment a bit more pleasurable? It could be as small as chewing a piece of gum. It could be changing how your desk faces. It could be calling a friend. Anything. Because life is made up of a series of “right nows.” It’s simply moments, followed by a moment, followed by a moment, and when we break it down into what it is, life (and work) can be infinitely less anxiety producing. Worth a try….



Counseling for Anxiety and Other Resources


Oftentimes, we need support to help us in our journey. This can be a counselor, a coach, a friend, a yoga teacher, or even a dog. Yes, dogs are sometimes our very best support. We’re partial though (we’ve got a super adorable therapy/office dog that hangs out in sessions with us sometimes.) 


Of course, we recommend an experienced anxiety therapist near you that you can see on a regular basis to check in with for consistency in your journey. Additionally, it’s a great idea to go to your local library or hop on Amazon for some self-help books to reduce anxiety too. Finally, try downloading some great meditation music and make mindful moments a part of your day. It takes humans about 30 days to create or break a habit. Challenge yourself. See what you can do! And, carve out time to get to the grocery store for healthy food to nourish yourself. 


Check back with us or schedule a consultation to tell us how you’re doing! We are here for you. You truly can heal anxiety and reduce or eliminate it at the workplace. If you need support, please reach out. Root Counseling in Denver is here for you for anxiety counseling and to help you thrive in life.