Going Gray And Other Fun Things About Your Mid-30’s: How to Reduce Anxiety About Growing Older

We all know the truth of the matter is we’re not getting any younger. Yet, the silver lining (get what we did there?), is that you are getting wiser! And that, my friend, means that you are gaining time back because you’re saying “no” more to things that don’t serve you. And, you’re probably becoming an even bigger force to be reckoned with. Watch out world. This girl (lady??) is on fire.


Your Mid-30’s Are an Eye-Opener


Eeek! One day, you look in the mirror and whoa, there are waves of gray hair. Not just the one or two that your hair stylist might pluck for you here and there. But rather, a sea of them. You used to color your hair for fun, now this is getting serious! When did you “peak” per se? I would tell you, that actually… perhaps for the rest of your life you’ll be peaking. This is actually a new era! A new time in your life when you are in the driver’s seat. So much of our 20’s are spent discovering. In our 30’s, we start to truly, truly value our time. This is your time to shine actually!


That Moment When You Realize You’re a “Gal” Now


You might be saying, okay, ya, I get it, glass half full and all, but I’m freaking out! Okay, wooosa. We’re all going to get there eventually. It starts slowly, like erasing sentences in your emails like “Hey! I was the girl that…” to replace with “Hey! I was the gal that…” It might feel sort of like when the shower starts to go cold and nothing you can do can get it back to warm. That’s distressing. And, understandable. Yet, as with all things, we have to learn how to embrace the change.


What Can You Do To Make “Right Now” Better?


Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten was to make your moment better. For example, instead of stressing about the big, huge picture, try to think of each small segment of the day and how you can make it more enjoyable. What do I mean? Some examples…


  • Would gum make life easier right now? Pop that stick in!
  • How about a nice smelling candle?
  • Make you just need to get up and stretch one time.
  • Twisting feels good…. Try a little twist in your office chair!
  • Doodle a little doodle.
  • Or, if it’s one of those days, scream into a pillow and let it all out.
  • Go read one chapter of your book.
  • Listen to your favorite song and get up and dance like a maniac.
  • Drop and do a plank for 45 seconds.


With any of these, you’re guaranteed to forget about the anxiety, no matter what it is, for the moment. Each activity also gives you a mindful moment to regroup. String several of these together in a day, when you need them, and you may find that in time, your wisdom catches up with your anxiety, and you learn to self-soothe. Creating good habits that nourish you are lifelong tools to help you weather any storm that comes at you.


You are incredible. And, some of the most amazingly healthy, successful and powerful women are absolutely crushing their mid-30’s and beyond. This is a time to love yourself, and take extra, extra good care of your mind, body and soul. Schedule counseling sessions, sign up for an exercise or yoga class, take a music lesson, join a book club. Do everything your heart desires right now, because this decade and all the rest to follow, are all about YOU.