Feeling Broken: Rebuilding Your Life

When you’re feeling broken, nothing seems to have any light. You wake in the morning, full of anxiety, worrying about how you’ll ever recover from everything that’s happened to you. You ask yourself how you can find the strength to go into work with a smile. And, you wonder if you’ll ever have love and joy in your life. You wonder, if you’re broken, then should you be tossed away? Correspondingly, you ask, can you ever be “fixed”?


I will challenge you to two thoughts. One, you’re not broken, and yes, you can rebuild.


When I think about life and how amazing our spirit is, I think of plants that grow straight out of rocks. From cliffs. How do they do that?? Pure will. They were “born” there, they didn’t choose to live in a rock on a cliff probably. Maybe a bird dropped them there, who knows. Yet, either way, they are growing up in a rough environment. A lonely environment, yet they are thriving! This can be you, my friend.


It’s all mindset. And, it take small steps.


Next, I will tell you one of my favorite ways to rebuild after “disaster.” Whatever that may be. Maybe it’s a business that didn’t make it. Or, maybe you have become alienated from your family and friends for some reason. On the other hand, maybe went through a health scare. Or, you’re simply overwhelmed with anxiety and depression and don’t see a way out. Of course, there is a way out, but guess what? The door to get there? You have to go in.


Rebuilding your life after “disaster.”


It follows that. yes, the only way “out” is in. Consequently, you have to look deep inside of yourself to make changes. So, that method I was talking about? Here it is. Break your day into segments. Next, write down seven “things” that if you did two or three of them each day, you would feel like an amazing person. Here are the ones I usually go to:


  1. Reading
  2. Going Outside
  3. Dog Time
  4. Journal
  5. Work
  6. Music
  7. Clean


If I hit on a couple of these every single day, I find that slowly and surely, life starts to get back to being organized. So, try it for 30 days and see what happens. You can make your own list, custom to your life. Try to make it simple, the day goes by fast! You don’t need to be a superhero, just a really rad human. You got this! And, if you need more support, consider coming in for a session.