Is all anxiety and stress bad?

Not at all! Anxiety often tells us that something else is going on that we might need to pay attention to, and it often serves a protective role in helping us to manage difficult things. The problem is that left untreated, it can take on a life of its own. In a similar way, a certain level of stress serves to motivate us and help us get things done. Our goal is to help you get your anxiety or stress under control so that you’re managing it…instead of it managing you. We want you to feel clear, creative and focused. Energized. Moving forward with ease. Anxiety counseling can really bring more lightness and ease into our lives.

Shouldn’t I be able to manage this on my own?

That’s a very common question for smart, successful women to ask! Most of us are used to having our lives together and handling a whole lot at once. We juggle careers, relationships, and the needs of others all day long. We’re great at it! Our counseling experience has taught us, however, that bright, successful women tend be incredibly hard on themselves, and often put their self-care last. This can also negatively impact our self-esteem. Working with a trained therapist in Denver can help you feel less tense, resolve relationship problems that may have been bothering you for a while, and help you get unstuck from cycles that are no longer serving you. This can lead to greater joy, ease and peace as you move about your day. Not to mention more fun in love and work. 🙂

Are you going to tell me I need to take medications?

Nope! We take a holistic approach, meaning that we view you as a whole, integrated person…not a “problem” or diagnosis. While some people find medications to be enormously helpful, others want to see how much they can feel better without it. It’s definitely possible, and just depends on the needs of each unique individual. We partner with some amazing Denver practitioners who are able to assist with medications for anxiety, sleep or depression when needed, and able to talk through all the options without pushing medications on anyone!


You talk about women a lot! Do you work with men?

We believe that women are the healers of the world and usually put themselves last, so we chose to dedicate our time, love and energy to serving Denver’s hard-working, professional women. We LOVE providing women’s therapy, helping women build their self-esteem, and providing counseling through all the life transitions that are unique to females. That said, anxiety and stress do NOT discriminate when it comes to gender. While we have a lot of experience working with the wonderful men of Denver, at this time Root Counseling is dedicated to the ladies. If you are a man seeking counseling, give us a call! We’d be happy to refer you to one of our incredible colleagues providing kick-ass men’s counseling!


Can you guarantee that I will feel better?

Oh, how we wish we could make that promise! In our experience, the majority of clients find a great amount of relief and improvement through therapy. However, there are no guarantees. In counseling, we keep an open line of communication between us around how things are going. We want to make sure we’re meeting your goals and get feedback from you about how the process is going. We work a lot like a coach in the sense that we value goal-oriented, progressive work that really gets you where you want to go. We pride ourselves on helping clients really move forward in their lives!


How does therapy work?

Therapists create a safe, confidential and protected space for you talk about things that might be difficult or vulnerable, or that you worry could feel burdensome to friends or family. Many of our clients seek out our services because they need a place to address certain issues with effective, professional guidance, professionalism and expertise. Together, we’ll identify your particular goals and create a plan of action using research-based techniques to get you where you want to go!


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