Counseling for Anxiety

Anxiety has reached epidemic proportions in our society today. In our fast-paced, pressured, nonstop lives and culture, it can be incredibly challenging to keep up. As women, we also tend to put an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves to be everything to everyone, and to do it perfectly, in a cute outfit, with a smile on our face. It feels like it never ends, and we often feel like we’re failing to be all that we’re supposed to be. We’re doing backflips trying to be Superwoman, but on the inside, we can feel like we’re about to crumble. Learn More.

Women’s Counseling

Root Counseling was launched with one purpose in mind: to love, heal and serve the INCREDIBLE women of Denver, Colorado. It is our heartbeat and our passion to dedicate our careers to improving the lives of women – who are often so busy improving the lives of OTHERS that they put themselves on the backburner. Learn More.

Stress Management Counseling

To be a woman in this world and culture means to  understand stress. More than ever before, we are busy fulfilling a number of roles: friend, employee or boss, mother, daughter, sister, partner, healer. We may have seasons of relative ease when things seem to be flowing along, and then…BAM! Something happens – a job change, a health change, a relationship change, a crisis – and suddenly we find ourselves struggling to find time to even eat. Other times, stress can sneak up on us more subtly. We might not realize we’re stressed, but our beautiful, wise, intuitive bodies start to say, “HEY! Sister! We gotta slow down, we’re running on fumes here!” Learn More.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an evidence-based, highly effective type of therapy that can greatly change the way we view and experience our past, our present, and the world around us. Unlike traditional talk therapy, EMDR therapy works in a unique way by incorporating the the body, mind and emotions to help the brain “unlearn” stuck reactions and beliefs caused by distressing events in our lives. Learn More.

Self-Esteem Counseling

If you were to pause and check in with yourself right now, how might you say you’re feeling about yourself? If you’re like many women, you may feel that something about you, your body, or your personality is just not good enough. You may genuinely like who you are on many levels, but also find yourself judging yourself in the mirror; doubting if you’re performing well enough at work; or feeling unsure about whether you deserve real, authentic love and happiness. Learn More.

Life Transitions Counseling

As we move through life, it is natural and normal that we will go through an ongoing series of life transitions. Most of these transitions are both wonderful, and also incredibly stressful! We may be THRILLED that we have found the love of our life and are getting married – but whoa! Suddenly it’s wedding planning; financial stress; family stress; learning to communicate with another unique and individual person who we’re suddenly with EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It can be a lot! Or, perhaps you’ve just moved to Denver to start a new job and life here. Welcome! It’s SUCH a fun place to live! At the same time, you may be finding yourself feeling lonely, struggling to find your tribe, or just generally feeling like it’s taking a while to adjust here. Transitions can be so exciting, and at the same time, working with a trained Denver transitions counselor can provide immense and often much-needed support during times of change. Learn More.

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