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Anxiety counseling helps get you through some of life’s most trying times.


anxiety can calm like dew on grass with Jen Kilgo Root Counseling anxiety counselor in Denver


Worry, fear, anticipation about what’s next or what to do when you literally have no idea… that’s what anxiety can feel like (or worse). Someone once told me: “Worry is like praying for your fear.” It’s what we do to “feed” the emotion, yet it always seems impossible to just “make it stop.” 


How then, can anxiety be cured? Does anxiety ever go away? Is there a solution to remove anxiety from your life? Do you feel like anxiety will always control you? Does anxiousness rule your day to day living? Like so many women with anxiety, you’re not alone. These are questions everyonw ho gets anxious often asks themselves. And that, right there, is where to start. By not letting anxious feelings conquer you all alone, and asking for help from an anxiety counselor in Denver.


Denver Anxiety Counselors at Root Counseling


We have been there ourselves. Yes, some counselors may not want to admit this personal fact in their professional counseling practice, but how can you help someone if you can’t fully understand it? Anxiety is something our counselors in Denver completely “get.” Many women who seek counseling with us at Root Counseling are looking for solutions for anxiety. They live fast-paced lives, often involving many obligations, a bit of perfectionism, and a lot of demands on their time. 


Without much self-care, rest, or time to recover from life’s every day stresses…. Helllllloooooo anxiety. (There she is again!). Our bodies need time to relax. And, our minds need time to process the intense stimuli that us women put on ourselves (or that gets put on us). If you’re like the clients we see for women’s counseling in Denver, our planners are packed to the brim. We don’t always plan for “life” like when your car breaks down and you can’t attend the five meetings you planned today. Or, your kiddo gets sick, you get in a fight with your partner, get an unexpected bill, hurt yourself, have to pick up an extra day at work, weather ruins your plans… or any number of things that happen all the time. As John Lennon sung, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”


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It might sound impossible…. But anxiety is actually curable. Yes, yes it is!! I promise you that you can ignore the symptoms of anxiety and actually forget all about it, with the help of a trained anxiety counselor, some mindfulness from you, and a lot (a lot!) of self-care. Find the best anxiety therapist in Denver by searching for Psychology Today approved anxiety therapists or by asking someone you trust. A Google search for Denver’s best anxiety therapist can also help you find an anxiety counselor that you “click” with. It’s important that you do find someone you trust, as that is the foundation of curing anxiety. 


Get unstuck, create positive energy in your life, and remove anxiety. Seems like a dream right? It is real life my friend. You can solve worplace stress, fear, worry, and help manage life transitions with the right anxiety counseling in Denver. Located in the Cherry Creek nieghborhood of Denver, Root Counseling aims to help women solve anxiety issues and life a life they love. One of freedom, adventure, peace, love, spirituality, connectedness, and mindfulness. 


Mindfulness, Joy, and Peace Are Attainable with an Anxiety Counselor at Root Counseling


Call it God, call it the Universe, call it Inner Peace, call it Zen. Call it what what you will, but that goal of spirituality and love for yourself and others is how we can zero-in on what’s real in this lifetime and what really matters – the moment. With anxiety counseling, we can help center ourselves and remember that “worry is living in the past, fear, the future” and that what we want to be doing is living in the present, because it is one. 


To find an anxiety counselor in Denver or to schedule a complimentary consultation with Root Counseling, simply click here to begin. We are ready to help you with anxiety treatment and stress relief to wake up each day ready to conquer the world, and able to roll with the punches when they come at you. Our clients can see the bigger picture with anxiety counseling, experience less fear, reduced stress and worry, and find more satisfaction in their lives.


Come join us to find peace and mindfulness in your own life. It’s there, sister, and we are here for you at Root Counseling in Denver.