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Tell anxiety to hit the road.


Anxiety is crippling, it seizes us in the worst moments and completely takes over. It can show up as palms sweating, deep feelings of dread, not wanting to wake or get up in the morning, complete and total indecision. Anxiety makes us question ourselves. It makes us linger in bad relationships. It causes us to give up.


Why do we hang out with anxiety when she’s suuuuuuch a bad friend?


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Because it’s our fall back. As women, we worry, am I right? About everything? If you’re like any of the women who come to Root Counseling, you might have very, very high expectations of yourself and a whole set of complex relationships and goals that you seek to make the best of each day.


Perfectionism breeds anxiety.


What if we let our guard down? Can you imagine… what would it actually be like to live your life, feeling better? Being proud of you, taking care of you, and still getting all the work done and managing relationships that nourish you (instead of drain you)?


Counseling helps create a place that you feel calm.


It’s a space, just for you, your worry and your anxiety to all come together and have an emotional massage (it kind of feels like that!!!). At Root Counseling, we emphasize that you’ve got incredible strengths and an incredible capacity to heal – inside of you right now – but sometimes we just need a little help finding it, that you could use support (and a good freaking cry!), and a therapeutic place that truly understands anxiety and how it can debilitate your life. You can lean on us to rebuild a life you love living. We’re here for you.

Anxiety, See ya.

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Root Counseling, Jen Kilgo, counselors in denver, counseling for women, therapist in denver

Hi! From Jen:

We have been through much of what our clients also share with us. We have been heartbroken, dealt with loss and grief, experienced times of great challenge and great reward. We are here for you and hope you will consider a 15-minute consultation call with us to get to know each other better. Click to schedule with us.

Jen Kilgo, Owner and Founder, Root Counseling with Zahra the Pup


We are located in Denver, Colorado. Our mission is to meet you where you’re at and help you with mindfulness, self-care, therapeutic counseling, EMDR therapy, and confidential, gentle, and authentic support.

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Root Counseling., Jen Kilgo, counselors in denver, counseling for women, therapist in denver

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