Your After-Work Routine and Why It Might Need a Revamp

Taking a look at your after-work routine is a good place to start if you want to instill some long-term healthy habits.


Are your activities between the hours of 5pm and 9pm being used well in your life? For so many of us women, those are the times when we are the most exhausted. We’ve been on the computer/phone/our feet all day and we’re zapped of all remaining energy.


What is your after-work routine?


First of all, what exactly is your after-work routine currently? Are you someone who falls into one of these categories?


  • You’re going to happy hours and spending your after-work time sipping

  • You immediately put on pajamas, ignore your partner and cuddle your cat/dog

  • Rushing to pick up your child and the rest of the night involves wrestling him/her into bedtime

  • You continue your work into the late evening, catching up on never-ending projects

  • You take a walk outside (maybe with your pup and partner?), answer a couple emails, schedule a needed doctor’s appointment, help your child with their homework, read a chapter in your book and take a quick bath.


If your routine is like that last option…. YES! So, much yes in fact. Can we have balance after work? We think so! It just involves a little time management. One of the best ways to get ahead is meal prepping so you don’t even have to think about cooking when you get home. There are so many videos to show you how to meal prep, or just make super easy, simple meals at home (maybe in the crock pot!)


Can you adjust your current routine to make more time for you?


If you’re a parent, do you have a friend that you can trade some after school days with to give you just an hour or two to work out, grocery shop, grab a coffee with a friend or just have the house to yourself? Take your friends up on it when they offer to have the kids over. And, never feel guilty about giving yourself space and time! It helps to reset and can make the time that you’re together much more enjoyable since you’ll be a tad less stressed!


Or, can you incorporate some really quick things into your routine? For example… you can make a face mask at home with simply olive oil and sugar. Give yourself just ten minutes to do a DIY mask and take a hot shower. Maybe grab a shower bomb too or drop some essential oil in the shower to get an aromatic boost!


Taking Care of You


After work, instead of going into zombie mode, maybe prepare a little ahead of time to have something to look forward to. Sometimes, a simple walk outside can help you reset and give you a moment of stillness to prioritize your next moves in your head. Nature is a wonderful reset and if you can get out there as much as possible, watch your mental health improve along with it! And, of course, we have to mention counseling, which can help with any work stress and is an excellent self-care tool for women.

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