Beautiful Things

As therapists providing women’s counseling in Denver, the topic of beauty often comes up with our clients. Any woman who has grown up in our highly sexualized, highly body-focused culture has been receiving input her whole life on what it means to be “beautiful,” and all too often, it has been damaging. We are taught to equate beauty with thinness, a certain weight, or a certain type of “ideal” look. We compare ourselves to an unrealistic, photoshopped ideal and then find our self-esteem suffering. We see ourselves as less than, lacking, not enough.

At the same time, as humans, we are utterly drawn to beauty. We love beautiful things, we find beauty inspiring, uplifting and encouraging. The feeling of watching the sun set in the west over the Colorado Rockies creates a calmness and stillness in our soul. The way we walk and feel after a new haircut creates a bounce in our step and additional brightness to our smile. The perfectly designed cover of a new book by a favorite author, smooth in our hands, waiting to be read, fills us with excitement. Our senses come alive in these moments. We feel more connected to ourselves, to others and to the universe at large.

This is why when women come to Root Counseling telling us that they don’t feel beautiful, one of the first things we do is work on rebuilding a sense of connection to our innate beauty. So often we say things like “I’ll feel beautiful when I lose 15 pounds,” or “When I can afford the right wardrobe, I’ll feel more pretty.” The fact is, however, that our sense of beauty and our connection to it is something that can be created and nurtured right where we are, right now. When we put off feeling beautiful until we’re a certain weight; or put off experiencing beauty in the world until our next vacation, we really miss out on a lot of living.

If you’re struggling with low self-esteem and a pervasive sense of not feeling beautiful, we’d love to come alongside you and assist in your journey to feeling, being and believing yourself to be as beautiful as you want to be. It’s so much more than how we look, and yet at the same time, when we connect to our inner sense of beauty, and deal with and heal our anxiety and depression, we also find that women actually physically start to glow. Our clients start walking taller. They take up space in the world and own their beauty, instead of trying to make themselves smaller or fit a certain mold. They start to radiate beauty, and they feel gorgeous, and others notice too. There is no physical way to fake inner health, y’all. But when we have done our work and created inner health and peace, ironically, we tend to become knockouts!

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