Fear Vs. Faith

Recently, those of us at Root Counseling have been talking a LOT about fear. What it is, when and how it shows up, and how it trips us up on the way to our dreams. Fear, in its healthy form, is a natural psychological response to tell us that we’re in DANGER!!! Way back in the day, when we’d encounter say, a giant snarling lion on our walk to fetch water, fear was a great friend and ally, telling us to OMG RUUUUNNNN!!!

The problem is, today (unless you’re a kickass National Geographic photographer, in which case, we’d really love to have coffee with you) – most of us don’t encounter lions on our way to work. We do, however, move at a much, much faster pace than ever, and our natural, healthy fear response is totally jacked up. Our brains are trying to keep up with all this change and technology. Our fear-response is totally overstimulated. Many of us are stressed and anxious, losing sleep, steeped in worry, and experiencing low self-esteem on account feeling unable to keep up.

Fear is meant to serve us and keep us safe. Do you ever find though that you feel more like YOU are serving fear? Worrying all day? Anxious at night? We have found that women, especially, tend to worry a LOT for their loved ones, their futures, and the world.

Women’s counseling with a trained therapist is a great way to learn how to decrease that overworking fear response! At Root Counseling in Denver, we love love LOVE to teach women techniques and skills to tell fear who’s really boss. To put fear back in its natural, correct place. Our clients often tell us that they feel more confident, able to manage life transitions, and experience a boost in self-esteem after counseling with one of our awesome associates.

If you’re looking to cultivate more faith and confidence in your life instead of fear, we’d love to come alongside you! Give us a call at (720) 363-9188 or Book Online Now! Life lived in fear is no way to live at all. When we step out of that reactive place and in to a rooted place, we often find our dreams opening up in brand new ways.

Happy Weekend-ing, Y’all!

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