On Putting Ourselves Last…

One of our favorite things about running our women’s counseling practice at Root Counseling is getting to work with and serve the people we are most passionate about helping. And for us…it’s the awesome, ambitious and kick-ass women of Denver. A lot of people sometimes struggle with reaching out for help…but smart, ambitious, independent women tend to struggle with it a LOT! We may talk to our girlfriends and partners, and have strong families and communities, but when it comes to seeking counseling, or believing that we’re worthy of that sort of self-care? “My problems aren’t THAT bad,” we say. We put ourselves last on the list of people deserving of care. And we’re suffering because of it.

Women are the caretakers of the world. We are built to nurture other, grow and care for children, invest in the communities in which we live. Many of us are naturally selfless, giving our time, energy and words of love and encouragement to others with ease. Meanwhile, we may be suffering silently – with anxiety, self-esteem issues, or depression. Or just plain burnout. We may appear to have it all together on the outside, but on the inside we’re hurting. Sometimes we’ve been hurting and suffering for years, but because we’re so busy pouring out our love and lives to other people, we’ve completely neglected our most important relationship: the one we have with ourselves.

Listen ladies…it doesn’t matter how small or large you perceive your problems to be, if you are consistently suffering with something on the inside while smiling that beautiful smile on the outside, those of us at Root really, really want you to feel differently. You deserve better. A life lived in service to others is no service at all if you run yourself into the ground while doing it. There is something absolutely beautiful and striking about a woman who knows her own worth and honors it by caring for herself well. Do you know that woman? She’s grounded, authentic, and real. She can say no to things she doesn’t want in her life so she can say a resounding YES to the things she does want. She’s there, inside of all of us – she just may need a little help getting out.

Self-care is not about adding items to our already overflowing “To Do” list. Going to a yoga class and calling it good is not going to fix it…this is about learning to invest in our relationship with ourselves so that we can soar. It’s about saying that our pain matters as much as someone else’s, and seeking healing. It’s about learning to communicate with ourselves in the same loving, kind and compassionate way we deal with others.

If you’re ready to stop suffering and carrying silent burdens on your own, and would like to experience more lightness and freedom in your life, women’s counseling can help. It can be challenging to sort through all the options for therapy in Denver, which is why we offer all clients a free, 15-minute consultation to see if we’re the right fit for you. Give us a call at (720) 363-9188, or book online now! We’d love to assist you in your journey to more joy, ease and light in your life. It’s usually not as far away as we think…we just need to take that first step to say we’re worth it.

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