Calm in the Storm

As we approach election day in what seems to be the most contentious and stressful election season of our time, many are feeling increasingly stressed. Upsetting news reports flood our televisions and social media posts are growing increasingly argumentative. It’s hard to know how to find any calm in the midst of such a messy political storm in our country.

As a Denver therapist providing women’s counseling, I’ve noticed that this election season has been particularly hard on women. More than ever, we are talking about issues like sexual assault, misogyny, and gender inequality. I don’t know a woman that hasn’t had some experience of mistreatment, disrespect or assault in her life, and a lot of my clients are feeling understandably anxious, angry and triggered. Women’s issues are at the forefront of the national dialogue right now.

For those of us feeling strong emotions around the election, it can be helpful to unplug. Take a break from reading the news, especially at night when we’re trying to wind down and go to sleep. Instead of Twitter or Facebook, many of my clients are finding it helpful to make tea and read a book. Our minds and emotions can only handle so much.

Unfortunately, this election is also triggering memories for a lot of women who have survived instances of sexual mistreatment or assault. If you’re a Denver woman finding yourself remembering painful memories around such issues, working with a trained women’s counselor with expertise in trauma counseling can help.

At Root Counseling, we are all about healing the women of the world so that they can become the best and brightest versions of themselves they can be. We provide EMDR therapy (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) for clients who have negative experiences from there past that may be upsetting them in their current life. EMDR is an incredible, evidence-based therapy that I’ve seen help hundreds of women move past their pasts.

If you are a Denver woman finding yourself stressed or triggered around past painful memories, it would be our honor to come alongside you and help you find healing and relief. Life is so much brighter when we’re not feeling burdened by the past! Give us a call at (720) 363-9188 or Book Online Here. You deserve support and guidance on your journey to healing!

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