Are stress and anxiety overwhelming you?

Are you losing sleep?

Feeling stuck?

Wondering if this is always how it’s going to be?

It’s Time for You to Feel Better.

You may have heard that stress and anxiety is just a “normal” part of life. But is it really?


Wasn’t there a time, before, where you felt calm, good, in control, and like things were going how you wanted? Where you felt like you knew what you were trying to achieve, and you knew how to get where you were going? But then something happened.

A relationship didn’t go as planned. You didn’t get the promotion at work. You found out that you have a health issue which is pretty major- and scary.Or you might be looking around and seeing all your friends getting married and having babies, and you want that too. But it’s not happening.


Do you ever wonder what’s wrong with you?


You’re intelligent. Loving. Kind. You work hard. But, for a while now, you’ve not been yourself. You’re exhausted. Worn out. Running on fumes. You’re not sure if it will ever get better. Inside your head, you might be wondering if you’re crazy. You’ve tried reading self-help books. Increasing your workouts at the gym. Talking to your friends. Spending a day at the spa.

Yet, even for all of these activities, you’re still feeling not quite right. You’re having trouble sleeping. You might be isolating yourself and avoiding your friends.

And even while you know you aren’t yourself, you feel frustrated and upset-  why can’t you just snap out of it?

And if that wasn’t enough, you may be having old stories coming up about how you’re not “enough”- not “good” enough- “smart” enough- or “pretty” enough to have the life, career, and relationship you really want.


You’re stuck.


What if you could feel so much better than you do right now?


What if you could feel calm and peaceful inside; with a strong sense of connection to yourself, your body, and the world around you– instead of feeling alone and separate?

What if you could create better relationships, filled with intimacy and play, so you could love and be loved the way you really want?

What if you could achieve more in your career, because you no longer doubted yourself or your talents?

What if you could be nicer to yourself, each and every day, so you were kinder and more loving to yourself?

What if you could have a set of coping skills to help you manage stress better now and into the future?

What would your life look like then?


Let’s find out.


Welcome to Root Counseling. We are a team of professional, female therapists in Denver who are passionate about helping women like you find peace, fulfillment and abundance in your life, career, and relationships.


We get it. It can be hard to sort through all the counselors in Denver. That’s why we’ve built Root Counseling as a practice that focuses exclusively on women’s counseling for women just like you. So what’s different about us?


We’re experienced. We’ve helped hundreds of clients, just like you, to feel happier and more fulfilled in their lives.


We understand. We see you as a whole person, and we will work with you to build the life you really want- in all areas.


We’re real. We’re easy to talk to, warm and authentic. Like your best girlfriend, but with the professional experience to help you make the changes you want to make.


We’ve been there. As women ourselves, we’ve dealt with a lot of the same things you’re feeling right now- and we got through them.


We care. We consider it a privilege to walk beside you as you create what’s next.


If you are looking for a counselor who will understand where you are, help you uncover what you really want, and will walk with you into your new, brighter future- then give us a call today.

Call Us at 720-388-7822


Just click or dial 720-388-7822 to set up your no-charge consultation. This free 15 minute session is a time for us to speak about what you’re looking for and how we can help.


Since you’ve read this far, why not take this next step?


(It’s easy, we promise!)


You don’t have to wait one more day to start feeling better.

Call Us at 720-388-7822 to set up your free consultation.

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